What is eco building?

Simple in concept, complex in reality, eco building involves reducing the impact of buildings on the environment and on the health of those who live within them.

Eco buildings need not necessarily appear radically different, but they do add an additional dimension to the choices made throughout the design and construction process. These extend from selecting optimum insulation levels and the materials to be used, through to choosing suppliers and incorporating renewable energy systems.


Who are Eco Design and Build?

We are a team of property developers, designers and others committed to building eco-homes to the highest standards and to providing advice on greening your existing home or business.


Why should I choose an Eco Design and Build home?

Highest standards of quality at affordable prices. We use the new Code for Sustainable Homes as our main reference.

Further information on our standards can be seen in our 'Sustainable Building' pages.

Carbon emissions, rising energy prices, gas shortages, water shortages, flooding, heatwaves, deforestation, depletion of resources, increases in allergies and asthma. Such issues are of growing concern to many people.

The Eco Design and Build team are committed to tackling these kinds of issues now, through the homes we build. We design and construct eco-friendly homes that are designed to reduce their impact on the environment, helping you to live more sustainably and healthily.

Eco Design House
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