Typical projects

Eco-conversion of existing property

  • Solar power - Cuts water bills by 50%
  • Mini turbine - Save £240 per year
  • Insulation & energy efficiency
  • Water conservation

New build - standardised

  • Sourcing land
  • Sourcing quality sustainable materials
  • Combined Heat & Power Unit - Cut fuel bills by £150 per year
  • Ground heat pump - Cut £100 per year off heating and hot water bills

New build - bespoke

  • Creating dream houses and features
  • Lifestyle showcase including ICT
  • Making architectural design statement
  • Supplying chic eco interior design products

Carbon emissions, rising energy prices, gas shortages, water shortages, flooding, heatwaves, deforestation, depletion of resources, increases in allergies and asthma. Such issues are of growing concern to many people.

The Eco Design and Build team are committed to tackling these kinds of issues now, through the homes we build. We design and construct eco-friendly homes that are designed to reduce their impact on the environment, helping you to live more sustainably and healthily.