Sustainable Building

Air quality


Organic solvents and the volatile organic compounds they release are another potential health hazard that we seek to reduce. These have the potential to cause a range of ailments including nose and throat irritations, headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions, and potential damage to the liver and other organs, as well as contributing to global warming.

Since a tin of paint or varnish often consists of 50% solvent we choose paints that are water based or that use natural oils such as linseed or soya, which have low levels of organic solvents, and which often use natural mineral pigments.


Britain is unusual in Europe in its preference for fitted carpeting in every room. However, research indicates that this may not always be a healthy choice. Carpets tend to gather dirt and toxins as they are walked on by people and pets, and can harbour large numbers of dust mites, potentially contributing to asthma and allergies. Synthetic new carpets also release volatile organic compounds, and may also release chemicals from flame retardants, stain protectors and adhesives.

We therefore offer a number of healthier alternatives, ranging from natural wood or bamboo boards, carpeting made from coir, seagrass, jute, sisal or wool, to linoleum and hard-wearing quarry and porcelain tiles.


Mould in your home is caused when moisture condenses on surfaces in your home, providing a moist environment in which mould spores can grow. Spores released from the mould can cause asthma and allergic or toxic reactions.

Controlling sources of steam in the home is important in preventing condensation - for example by using lids on saucepans, however the warmer surfaces and carefully controlled air exchange system in a Passive House will also help to minimise the risk.

Carbon emissions, rising energy prices, gas shortages, water shortages, flooding, heatwaves, deforestation, depletion of resources, increases in allergies and asthma. Such issues are of growing concern to many people.

The Eco Design and Build team are committed to tackling these kinds of issues now, through the homes we build. We design and construct eco-friendly homes that are designed to reduce their impact on the environment, helping you to live more sustainably and healthily.

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